David thrives his way back to happiness and a new job

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Here is a new testimonial from a recent client, David. I affectionately call David my favourite ex catastrophiser after David called me up one day to panic about his 26 out of 30 score on the SPACE Quiz. Yes, even his reaction to the scores of the Thrive quizzes was catastrophic!

I am glad to say that David taught himself to calm down, to get perspective and to reclaim his brain! Below is his experience through his eyes.

Like many people, I had a strong critical inner voice for many years. This grew more intense and intrusive in recent times, despite a successful career, a strong family and strong friendships and I had several bouts of severe anxiety.

Then In January 2016, my daughter was diagnosed with anorexia and though we tried to care for her at home, she ended up spending seven months in a special unit. I could write a whole book about the horrors of anorexia and the incredible and frightening impact it has on both the sufferer and their family, but suffice to say that it has been by far the worst experience of my life.

Later in the same year, it also became clear that the organisation I was CEO off was facing severe financial pressures. Being the classic perfectionist, I (wrongly!) laid the blame for this wholly at my feet and felt personally responsible for the fact that this meant people would lose their jobs because of my deficiencies.

By late February 2017, the combination of home and personal issues had become too much and I had to take time off work. I was diagnosed with severe depression and severe anxiety. I was already on medication and had previously experienced both conventional therapy and CBT before, but none of these had made any long term beneficial impact. I was in utter despair.

Fortunately, this was when I heard about THRIVE and made contact with Fiona. Being a perfectionist I expected a quick and speedy recovery. Fiona, whilst maintaining utter confidence that THRIVE would help me, also made me realise this would not happen overnight. I still had some dark days over the next weeks – I remember reading the ‘Unhelpful Thinking Styles’ chapter and being overwhelmed by the realisation that I had just about all of them! However, I soon began to feel differently. Fiona’s support both in face to face sessions and on the phone made a tremendous difference. I suspect that the amount of times she reminded me to expect blips, but to try and keep calm, keep things in perspective and not be so hard on myself ran into four figures.

I think everyone develops their own techniques of how to use the programme. Mine included several videos I would play to myself whilst walking the dog, reminding myself of my positives or reinforcing ways to face down blips. I also put up around 50 post it notes on the wall opposite my bed with a list of my positives and some of the phrases and messages form the programme, so I could process these first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

I will admit there were times I was not sure that THRIVE was working – but now several months after I finished the formal programme I know it has. My inner critical voice has been silenced and my outlook on life is much more positive – despite the fact I have also had to become self-employed (not my choice, but loving it now!) I still keep the handbook and some of my post it notes at hand in case I need them (though I rarely do!).

I know there will be set backs and difficult times in my life from time to time in the future. But I now know that, thanks to THRIVE, I am much better placed to cope with them.

Thank you Fiona and thank you THRIVE.

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