Thriving in Life Workshops for small business, groups, monthly events and likeminded communities

Delivering powerful, thought provoking and intimate group wellbeing and resilience workshops to help individuals and businesses feel energised and fit for business.

Investment in personal resilience and emotional wellbeing really pays off. When people are at their emotional and resilient best, they can tolerate change, stress and uncertainty more effectively. They are less likely to experience setbacks, diminished work performance, and other problems at work and at home. These workshops teach the core foundations to boost and maintain the skills and resources to thrive so everyone can make behavioural changes to boost productivity and work performance, whether within an organisation or working for themselves.

The aim is to empower individuals and measurably help them to flourish and grow, boosting performance in a sustainable way. Whether you are an individual looking for the skills to thrive through your career or a business looking to implement a proactive “mental wellbeing” programme that will help your workforce and organisation to thrive, these practical and reality-based workshops are tailored to address the challenges people face ensuring everyone can perform their best.

“Fiona does a great job and I have received so much positive feedback about her and the sessions overall”


How are the thrive workshops for groups delivered?
  • These hour long workshops can be delivered as part of a programme delivered monthly, or as part of an already existing wellbeing strategy.
  • The programme is highly flexible in order to suit your group and/or your employees build internal skills to thrive in bitesize chunks 
  • The workshops work independently or as part of a longer term programme of building wellbeing and resilience skills
  • These practical and reality-based wellbeing workshops are tailored to address the challenges people face now in order to resource them with new strategies and tools to meet current work and life pressures.
  • Experienced in delivery and taught with passion, these workshops are interesting engaging and, most of all, interactive.
  • Each participant also benefits from a personal coaching sessions to be taken within three months of the workshops.  These personal coaching sessions can be delivered face-to-face or via an online application.
  • Want to do Thrive yourself? Or can’t accommodate face to face? Individuals can attend the full Thrive Programme face to face or Skype/FaceTime. Details on link.

What are the benefits of doing Thrive?

Whether you are considering Thrive as an individual or as part of Wellbeing Programme offer as a business, individuals who are thriving are more likely to be resilient, confident, healthier, happier, and more successful. Their impact on others will also be positive. Whether you or your organisation are going through change, or simply work is demanding and as individuals you need the skills, resources and confidence in yourself and your role to face the challenges, Thrive will teach the robust skills to cope with the demands of professional and personal pressures.

Successful thriving people have an edge:

  • 27% Better performing
  • 32% More satisfied with their jobs
  • 53% more likely to career progress
  • 46% more committed
  • 125% less burnout

Michigan Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

“Thanks to THRIVE and Fiona, I am much better placed to deal with life’s challenges”

~ David Burland, CEO @ Shooting Star Chase

If you would like to talk further about Thriving in Life Worshops, please get in touch and I would be happy to come in and chat to you and let you know more about this wellbeing programme. Simply drop me an email: