In order for you to make an informed decision on the help that is right for you, you need to know as much as possible what to expect and what I will provide. The programme I deliver is focused on building the right kind of solid foundations needed to be resilient and in control of your life. This page is targeted at giving you as much information to what to expect as possible. Remember I will happily see you for an initial free consultation so you really are equipped to make sure you are in the best possible position in moving forward and getting help.

Anyone. Of any age.

It is never too late to learn something new.
Anxiety, phobias, depression, weight-related issues, sexual problems, compulsive behaviours, chronic fatigue, stress management, anger problems and social anxiety are just some of the many issues that people have successfully overcome through the Thrive Programme®. Whether you have tried other treatments or therapies before or you are seeking help for the first time, I can answer any questions you may have and you can decide if The Thrive Programme is the right choice for you.

If you really want to change your life, give me a ring on 07990 514 545 and arrange a free, no-obligation chat so that you can see whether the Thrive programme® is right for you or pop your details into the form below and I’ll give you a quick hello on email. Either way it really will make a difference to your life.

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Getting the most out of The Thrive Programme® with Thrive London

By doing The Thrive Programme®, you are giving yourself the best chance to completely change yourself and your life for the better. It gives you the skills to have choice. Below are some ideas on how we can make the process as smooth running and enjoyable as possible.

The Sessions
  • Effort – The more effort and dedication you put into Thrive, the faster and more completely you will achieve your goals.
  • Tasks – I will occasionally give you something to think about or do in between sessions. This is because learning and changing is an on-going process and will continue after the end of each session – let’s capitalise on that.
  • Sessions it is best to keep regular in order to keep what you are learning fresh in your mind, and to maintain the momentum. Experience has taught me that clients who attend every week and do everything that is asked of them will do much better than those clients who dip in and out of sessions and the book. Any holidays or missed weeks are fine of course!
  • In order for these sessions to be as effective as possible, you need to have Thrive as one of the top priorities in your life. Set aside time to sit down and concentrate on the book. You will get more benefit from the programme if you read the book as soon after your session as possible. That way, you have the rest of the week to notice and apply what you have learnt.
The Book
  • Remember to bring your book with you for every session.
  • Reading – Read what is asked of you – no more and no less. I try to pace the sessions and the reading so that it is manageable for you. Reading too much may mean that you are skimming over areas and not absorbing them.
  • Diary – use the Thrive book as your own personal diary. Don’t be afraid to write in it. You will find it fascinating and encouraging to read back on past answers to see just how far you’ve come over the weeks.
  • Please do your best to stick to appointment times. Because my diary tends to be booked up two weeks in advance it is sometimes tricky for me to reschedule sessions. However, the more notice you can give me, the better.
  • Be on time! This is not a long-drawn out treatment. You only have one session a week so make sure you are getting the maximum time available.
  • If you are seeing me please try to arrive just a couple of minutes before your session so that I am free to let you in.
  • Late notice cancellations – I do charge a full session fee for any cancellations that are within 48 hours of your appointment. Exceptions to this are only in the case of illness or an emergency. Please do your best to avoid this because I really don’t like penalising people.

The results you achieve reflect the effort you put in. I want all my trainees to get the maximum from this programme.

More about the Thrive Programme® workbook

This book is all about YOU taking control of your life and making the changes that YOU want to. ‘Thrive’ is the official workbook/manual of ‘The Thrive Programme’. This innovative training programme is now easily accessible to anyone and everyone through this new book. It gives you a very flexible way of taking control and creating the life you want; you can work through the book at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want.

The book is highly interactive, with many exercises to guide and help you in really changing your life. It is completely different to other ‘self-help’ books out there. Many self-help books do indeed contain good advice on how to improve your life. Most people, however, do not end up applying the advice or techniques for very long. Why? Because, most of the time, the really important part – the reason why these techniques work – is not fully explained.

‘Thrive’ comes from a completely new direction. The book will enable you to really understand your personality, your thinking and the underlying driving forces behind your symptoms, problems or issues, making it easy to change your life for the better.

All the techniques in the book are very simple to use and fully explained so that you know exactly why you are using them.

You can find out about the workbooks on Amazon. They are within the UK’s Top 5 Self Help books on Amazon.

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