The Power of Imagining What You Want

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Your mind is incredibly powerful.  Those completing The Thrive Programme learn to use the power of the mind to help them achieve their goals. One of the best ways they do this is through mentally rehearsing, visualising and imagining what they want, rather than what they fear might happen – imagining, for example being healthy, happy and successful rather than being stressed, unhappy … Read More

Mental Health in Young People

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By any measure, we’re in the midst of a mental health crisis amongst the world’s young people. Weekly – sometimes daily – news coverage of studies and statistics leaves you in no doubt as to the huge rise in anxiety and depression-related conditions amongst this demographic. So, why is this? In the UK and most of the first world countries we’ve been hit by … Read More


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It’s one of the most important concepts for anyone interested in mental health and wellness to understand, yet it’s one of the least discussed: Locus Of Control. Summed up, locus of control describes how an individual views the world in two broad categories: internal and external. Let’s discuss each category and why they’re so important when it comes to mental … Read More


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IT’S NOT ABOUT THE PAST Some people talk about the past as though they’re carrying it around on their backs, tattooed permanently in big letters. For the England football team that past is the psychological spectre of penalty losses – usually to Germany – and the pressure to replicate the success of 1966. Pressure, failure and disappointment have been the … Read More

The Truth About Depression

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Here is a blog from a recent Thriver who has completed the programme and made some startling realisations about his own mental health and indeed the way we talk and think about Mental Health today. Time for a rethink. The cause of my depression completely shocked me…and it might change your life The recent coverage of mental health issues in … Read More

If you suffer from depression, you must read this.

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Depression help London: Here is a blog post we’ve done for the main Thrive Programme website which is worth a few minutes of your time if you’d like a) to know the truth about depression, b) find a way to look at depression in a different more helpful (or hopeful) way, and c) hear it from someone who beat his … Read More

One easy tip to break that low self-esteem cycle

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Low self-esteem? You must read this… Self-esteem is perhaps the most under-valued part of what makes up our mental health. At worst, it can lead you to do things you’d never normally consider doing – poor relationship choice, drinking heavily and substance abuse are classic symptoms of low self-esteem – but at best it can propel you to achievements and … Read More

Feeling stuck?

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There are few things as frustrating or draining than the feeling of being stuck. Whether it is in a life that you desperately want to get out of or away from circumstances that are less than ideal. For many it is a bit of both. At least with some things, like toothache, there is a definite solution – you can … Read More